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Need  your Apple device repaired? Arrange to have your Mac, iPhone, iPad or Watch collected from your home, repaired and returned back to you. Hustle free!!!!!

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Visit Apple Repair South Africa (ARSA) at 142B, Nelson Mandela Drive, Westene, Bloemfontein. We repair iPhones, iPads, iMacs, Apple Watches, Mac Mini and MacBooks.

How does mail-in repair work?

Device is couriered to us

Once the device arrives at our repair facility, it’s diagnosed and a quote is sent immediately .All quotes are free.

Quotation Accepted

If repair quotation is accepted, repairs are done immediately . The repair progress can be obtained by logging in to your dashboard on our website

Repair complete

Once the repair is complete, we send you an invoice. Once paid we give the device to the courier of your choice. Our representative will call or email you to follow up and see if you are satisfied with our service

Need certified Apple Watch repairs ? Check out our Apple Watch repair costs and how long repair takes

Our professional, qualified technicians will inspect  and take care of your broken Apple MacBook, Mac Mini or iMac. Check our repair pricing and book a repair..

We do approved Screen, battery and motherboard repairs on iPhones. A full range of  Certified repairs available at Apple Repair South Africa including iPhone data recovery.

Need to repair your iPad? A full range of unmatched iPad repair services are available at Apple Repair South Africa

If your Apple iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac or MacMini is dead with important data stuck in , we can recover the data for you

Frequently Asked Questions

The 3 minute auto restart in iPhone SE2020 can be caused by either a lack of communication between the iPhones data lines, a bad charging port ora break in communication between the iPhones CPU and other parts which we have detected to be a factory fault. If your iPhone SE2020 restarts every 3 minutes, no not try to update or restore the device, it will not solve the problem 

If your iPhone 7 or 7 plus mic is greyed out, you most definitely have an audio IC problem. The symptom is that whenever you call, the other person can’t hear you. And when you try making a recording , the device can not capture any recoded voices . We have a 100% success rate on iPhone 7 and 7 plus audio IC repairs 

After your iPhones back glass is replaced, the device might start randomly restarting. But what causes this? All newer iPhone models have a way of verifying if some components are missing . Most back glass replacements done by unqualified personnel resulting in parts of the iPhone being damaged caused the iHhone to randomly restart usually every three minutes. 

A panic log can be obtained from such devices which can be analysed by a special software or a trained technician. We repair most 3 minute auto restart problems.

Caution: do not try to update the device, it will make it hard for technicians to get the panic log as it is foundin the iPhone’s settings 

Your iPhone is most likely having a fault if you have updated or restored the iPhone and the problem still persists

Our technicians will analyse and diagnose the iPhone for you and send you a quote based on their findings