iPhone Face ID Repair / True Depth Camera Repair

The good news is that most of the common Face ID problems are repairable. We offer face ID repair services for the newer Apple iPhone models starting from iPhone X up to the iPhone 15 models 

If you are experiencing problems setting up Face ID Such as the move higher/move lower fault or you have come across the “A Problem has been detected with the TrueDepth Camera. Face ID has been disabled” Notification then look no further. Apple Repair South Africa offers face ID repair services at affordable prices.

What Makes iPhone's Face ID Unable To Work

iPhone’s face id faults may be caused by differnt hardware failures. Understanding the failure points is key to successfullly repairing the iPhones face id and restore its functionality.


Water / Liquid Damage

This component uses a prism to project an array of infrared dots onto your face. If damaged, it will affect your iPhone’s ability to use the face id functionality.


Damaged Dot Projector.

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Damaged Flood Illuminator

A flood illuminator is a small laser that shines infrared light at a face as part of an iPhone’s Face ID system. A damage to this parts will result in a non functional face id on your iPhone.


TrueDepth Cameras

A damage to the front facing camera AKA the selfie camera or infrared IR camera will make your iPhone’s face   id unable to function.