Apple Watch Repair and Service

Need to repair your Apple Watch? See your repair options, their costs and how long they take

Featured services

Battery replacement

If your  Apple Watch’s battery no longer holds charge, we can repalace it for you. Check our Apple Watch battery replacement costs above

Damaged Screen

If the screen on your Apple Watch gets damaged, Our experienced tchnicians will replace the screen for you.

How much will Apple Watch repair cost?

Our Apple Watch repair prices may differ based on the model.  Get a free estimate  by clicking the link below

If your Apple Watch haas a motherboard related fault, please contact us for a quote.


Our repairs have a staggering 12 months waranty which is subjected to Our Terms and Conditions.


If the part we installed on your Apple device is defective and  we have established that its malfunction is not caused by user damage or negligence, we can replace the defective part without the client paying any cent.