We repair iPhones that randomly restart?.

Here are common faults that cause your Apple iPhone to randomly reboot.

1: Damaged Upper Speaker's Components

 Your iPhone’s ear speaker has a flood illuminator that shines infrared light at the face. Damage to the flood illuminator  ( mainly by water or liquid) may cause your iPhone to start rebooting randomly.

2: Damaged Power Button Flex, Charging Port Flex

Yes, damage to your iPhone’s power button flex can cause your iPhone to randomly reboot. Newer iPhone models have sensors. If  the iPhone’s OS can not detect these sensors, it has been programmed to start rebooting ( ussually every 3 minutes)  as a way of allerting the user that there is something wrong with their iPhone. Low quality aftermarket power flex and charging port flex may result in your iPhone randomly rebooting.

3: Sandwich Board Issues

iPhone X and later models use sandwich motherboards  (two motherboars stucked together as one) .

A hard fall may cause the solder joints between the two boards to dissolder resulting in the iPhone’s operating system unable to detect important sensors causing it to restart randomly.

There are alot of issues that may cause your iP[hone to random;ly reboot which are not outlined here. We always diagnose the device  first in order for us to get the root cause of the problem. Please contact us for a free quote.


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