We are iPhone repair experts in South Africa

We do advanced  iPhone mother repairs, screen repairs, back glass repairs, battery repplacements and many more in South Africa

We perform the most complex iPhone repairs

We do some of the most complex repairs like iPhone CPU swaps.

iPhone CPU Swaps

iPhone CPU swaps are considered the most delicate jobs in the repair industry. We have the tools and the know how to help you get your data from that dead iPhone

Top Notch Customer Support

We have learned from our previous mistakes and have put together a team dedicated to offer our clients the best customer support. You can request to speak to a technician directly

Screen Repairs

We stock original and OEM iPhone screens, helping you get your life back in order as quickly as you can. Original screen return that Apple feel to your device making you feel fulfilled

Repairs Done In-house

Unlike our friends who have to send your iPhone somewhere else for repairs, all our repairs are done by us in our own repair facility making the repairs fast, secure and reliable

Motherboard Repairs

When your iPhone dies due to a motherboard fault, we can repair it for you. We repair water damaged iPhone, phones that just suddenly die, no power after a fall

Pattern and Standard Operating Procedure

Over the years we have developed patterns and standard operating procedures that help us quickly detect, recognise and repair Apple iPhones with great and unmatched success

A Member of DeviceParts Group

Apple Repair South Africa is a proud member of DeviceParts Repair Group 

We know you have questions

How It Works

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Device is couriered to us

Once the device arrive at our repair facility, it’s diagnosed and a quote is sent immediately

Quotation Accepted

If repair quotation is accepted, repairs are done immediately . The repair progress can be obtained by logging in to your dashboard on our website

Repair complete

Once the repair is complete, we send you an invoice. Once paid we give the device to the courier of your choice. Our representative will call or email you to follow up and see if you are satisfied with our service


Data recovery  involves repairing a customers device with the sole purpose of retrieving their data. This means that the device might be returned fixed or not based on the intensity of its damage but they will get all their data intact . Normal repairs involve repairing the device with the intention of giving the device back to the customer in a working state with all their data in their device if the repair did not involve wiping or restoring the device to its original default settings

For basic repairs like screen or screen replacements, the device will be repaired immediately if we have all the required parts in stock. For complicated repairs like motherboard repairs or data recovery, we will take 3 to 7 days or more depending on the intensity of the damage and the availability of repair parts.

We take payments via Apple pay, credit cards EFT and most easily accessible payment methods available in South Africa

Although our primary focus on water or liquid damaged devices is data recovery, we make sure that we do give the customer a fully functional device. We may or may not guarantee water or liquid damaged device repairs based on the intensity of the damage

Yes, you may walk into our store .

Our  shop address is: 4 muller Street, Shop 6 Riverwalk Center 9701 Bethlehem, Free State, South Africa

Devices not collected within the agreed time frame are considered abandoned, therefore we either use them for parts or sell them, in order to defray our repair and storage costs

If your iPhone is completely smashed, we can only help you with recovering the data. If you still want to repair such devices, we may repair for you however the cost might be higher than normal

Our bench fee may differ from device to device based on the fault. We charge diagnostic fee (bench fee) on certain devices in order to reimburse the time our technicians spend diagnosing or troubleshooting the device. If the device is deemed a no fox, we do not refund the diagnostic fee. If the device is fixable, the diagnostic fee becomes part of the total cost charged

Sometimes we may have to order parts from our suppliers abroad or the device might have a fault that needs enough time. In such cases we will communicate with you.

All our repairs have a 1 year warranty unless communicated otherwise due to the repaired damage.

Yes your iPhone will still be water resistant after repair as we will replace the seals back into the iPhone.