MacBook Repairs

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If you have a MacBook that needs repairs, contact our team of experts for advice regarding your MacBook repair. 
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Why Choose Apple Repair South Africa For MacBook Repairs

Repairs Done By Us

All our MacBook repairs are done by us at our repair facility. We do not outsource our repairs to other repair companies

You Get The Value For Your Money

All our repairs have 6 to 12 months warranty . Our MacBook repair prices are competitive and affordable

Happy Clients

We have lots of satisfied customers . We keep most parts like screens and other repair parts saving our clients time by shortening the repair turnaround time

We Do Save Your Data

Unlike those corporations that don’t care about the safety of your data, we save all your data . We always ask our clients first before doing any repairs that might result in data loss

Our MacBook Repair Prices

Screen Repairs

Get your MacBook screen replaced at an affordable price. If you are a business that outsources MacBook repairs you can benefit from our reasonable prices 

Software Upgrate

When your MacBook starts acting up, you may need to get its software up to date. Give your MacBook a new feel by updating its software. We recommend doing it yourself but if you can’t then call us for advice or we can reinstall and update the software for you 

Motherboard Repairs

Motherboard failure is a common problem on Apple MacBooks. Although Apple MacBooks hardware is considered the best, it isn’t without faults. Random crashes, just dying while on charger are part of common problems we fix on daily basis.

Water/ Liquid damage Repairs

Accidentally  spilling Liquid or water on your MacBook can be frustrating. Get back to work quickly by sending your water or liquid damaged MacBook to us for quick repairs. After fixing your water damaged MacBook motherboard, we ultrasonic clean it so as to remove all rust hidden under chips so that you don’t experience problems after the repair 

Battery Repairs

You have used your Apple MacBook for years, now the battery can’t keep up with your daily usage needs, maybe it only works while on charger. Get an original MacBook battery installed into your MacBook. Our newly replaced MacBook battery will prolong your MacBooks working hours after each charge 

Data Recovery

A bad day comes to everyone even to your reliable Apple MacBook. Now your MacBook has died holding your important data hostage. We can recover all your files from your dead Apple MacBook returning all your work files as well as those beautiful memories of your vacations and pictures of your loved ones

My iPhone 13 Promax with no power was fixed here. Now it works very well.
Hassan William
A good service and experience. All thanks to Mr Titus. Keep up the great work!!
Thabang Moshoati
I had such a wonderful experience getting my device fixed here. They went above and beyond to assist me. Excellent service and my device looks brand new.